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The story behind the DHM brand color

Everything has a story. Ever wondered where the #DhakaHalf got its royal colors last year? In late 2017, when idea of DhakaHalf was in our heads and the three of us were busy thinking of ways on how we can brand the DhakaHalf as a signature running event for Dhaka, we knew in our heads that it needed to have its own identity, its own color theme, something which would make a statement.

We were not professionals at this and we just couldn’t afford to go to an agency to do it for us either. We need to move fast inorder to catch the 2018 season, summer was coming. We needed to have an event up soon and get sponsors onboarded.

Asad already planned a photo-shoot to promote the event and we had only a few days to come up with a t-shirt.

It was 10pm that night. Afnan got done with work and the only place he could find some inspiration was inside his penholder. Whoever made that highlighter in Japan, thank you! You don’t know what you helped to create.

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